Ryan Skyy Feat. Niki Darling - Done (TaBiz Remix)

Experience the transformative power of TaBiz's remix of Ryan Skyy's 'Done' featuring Niki Darling! 

This spellbinding remix casts a bewitching spell from the very beginning, with ethereal synths and pulsing percussion that seem to suspend time itself. As the track unfolds, TaBiz masterfully weaves together lush soundscapes and tantalizing melodies that elevate the original to new heights.

The drop is nothing short of magical, with Niki Darling's captivating vocals taking center stage amidst a swirl of shimmering effects and driving beats. The energy is electric, building towards a crescendo that promises to leave you breathless.

But just when you think it can't get any better, TaBiz throws in a few surprise elements that take the track to stratospheric levels. The result is an otherworldly listening experience that will leave you utterly entranced and yearning for more.

So surrender to the enchantment of 'Done (TaBiz Remix)' and let the music carry you away on a journey of pure sonic bliss.


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